B Current Impact Investment, a club funding experiment, was initiated on April 10, 2014, by 43 impact investors from various professions in Taiwan and Silicon Valley. Following the initiation of B Current Impact Investment, Inc. (Fund I), B Current Fund II, B Current Fund III, and MStar-B Current, which MStar International solely funds, were also established in June 2017, April, and May 2020, respectively.

B Current pursues Impact Investment promoted by the United Nations Development Programme :

Investments made into companies, organizations, and funds to generate a measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.


B Current Impact Investment encourages social innovation. We connect social entrepreneurs with impact investors and improve their investment readiness, scalability, and social impact. Jointly, we pursue sustainable growth, like a flowing current!

To build a healthy social innovation ecosystem, B Current partners with like-minded organizations and governments participate in various national and international networks, introduces innovative social finance tools, and continues to promote Asia’s first benefit corporation legislation.



Our top responsibility is to support and empower profit-with-purpose businesses. We aspire to help them become more scalable, investable, and influential.

One day, top talents engaging in social innovation will not need to compromise on their salaries, and profit-with-purpose business owners will not bear excessive moral pressure. The social innovation ecosystem will be already mature, where social entrepreneurs and investors fully trust and support each other. Profit-with-purpose businesses can influence the behavior of ordinary companies with prosperous experiences.

We look forward to eliminating the term “profit-with-purpose business” in the future because enterprises will make all profit with purpose then!